Coventry Estates Baptist Church would not be what it is today without the faithful adults who have given time, talent and money for the church’s continued ministry. Each age group adds a particular dimension that helps us to meet the needs of all. Our adults are wonderful at meeting the needs of our church family. They have a desire for the message of Christ to continually be heard in this part of our world. If a person is looking for a place to use the gifts and talents God has given, he/she will feel very comfortable at Coventry.
We have activities for all age groups of adults. 
Our desire is to provide education to assist in growing knowledge of the Bible, family life development, world mission work, christian character and issues that relate to everyday life. The purpose of our Sunday School is to build strong Christian leaders in order to encourage them to trust in Christ and to equip them for service in His ministry. 

Sunday Morning Adult Connection Groups

9:30 AM



This class is composed of mixed adults, both men and women, married and single, ages 50+. They have multiple prayer times and learn from a quarterly lesson.


This is a group designated for single or married women ages 50+.



Our Fellowship class is a class aimed at adult and senior men. They go through the Bible, studying God’s word as it applies to our everyday lives.



This is an adult class of mixed ages, who study a variety of material that digs into the scripture.

Impact: Act to Change


Our Impact class is a group of believers with the intent of growing together in the word of God, serving each other, the church, and the world around us. They are a mix of young to middle-aged adults who are striving to be Godly husbands, wives, and parents.


Our Truthseeker class is very similar to our Fellowship class, only this is aimed at adult and senior women. They go through the Bible, studying God’s word as it applies to our everyday lives.
** College & Career **
If you are out of high school, but too young to fit comfortably in our other classes but would like to attend, please give us a call! We have a special class just for you! However, because we currently have no people that fit that age group able to attend, our teacher is on standby to help teach and guide you as you try to figure out adulthood.
But don’t worry! We do have members that are in this age group, including our secretary and our audio/video techs, so you won’t be alone in the church! However, due to their other responsibilities, they are normally unable to attend this Connection Group. 
If you’d like to attend and would want to be in this class, give us a call by Friday! We will get our teacher updated so he can plan a lesson for Sunday. We’d all love to have you, but he would be thrilled!

Please click here to learn about our Connection Groups for kids and teens!


God’s Golden Gems (GGG’s)

Cancelled Until Further Notice
This group is for married or single senior adults. They meet once a month on the 3rd Thursday each month at 10:45 am. They have Bible Study, lunch, and entertainment, as well as a community project they work on throughout the month.

Fellowship Group

Tuesdays 1:30 PM
3Join us for a small group meeting which focuses on all sorts of topics. Doing occasional Bible Studies, this group shares on pertinent Christian-related subjects. Fellowship is an important part of this group, and they hope that this group meeting can evolve to an evangelistic outreach.