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November Blessings – Salvation Army Food Drive


November 1st – 30th

Coventry Estates Baptist Church is participating in a Salvation Army food drive just in time for Christmas. We are collecting items each day of November, all of which will be donated to the Salvation Army on December 1st. 
Each day of November we are collecting something different, but we will accept anything brought at any time! If you’d like to help, please see the list below.

Week 1

1st      Box of Cereal
2nd    Peanut Butter
3rd     Stuffing Mix
4th    Boxed Potatoes
5th    Macaroni & Cheese
6th    Canned Fruit
7th    Canned Tomatoes
8th    Canned Tuna
9th    Dessert Mix
10th   Jar of Applesauce

Week 2

11th    Canned Sweet Potatoes

12th   Cranberry Sauce

13th   Canned Beans

14th   Box of Crackers

15th   Packaged Rice

16th   Packaged Oatmeal

17th   Packaged Pasta

Week 3

18th Spaghetti Sauce

19th Chicken Noodle Soup

20th Tomato Soup

21st Canned Corn

22nd Canned Mixed Veggies

23rd Canned Carrots

24th Canned Green Beans


Week 4

November 25th – 30th


Anything can be brought this week, whether it’s on the list or not.